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This is not a thinspo, fitspo, or pro-ed blog. This is a body positive, and sex positive health blog.


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For New Zealanders or others!

Things are expensive here and I found something that’s a bit cheaper, with free shipping world wide!


and it’s pretty awesome :0 Cetaphil is pretty expensive here ($22-30 for a decent bottle) and on there it’s $13US which is $16NZ. :0 Which i think is a pretty good deal, especially for a 250ml bottle, and free shipping :D

I thought you guys should know :0 I’ll probably get somethings from there in the near future! :D

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  1. barbellsandbooty said: Yay!
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    Pretty much every store and pharmacy i’ve been to so far has been the prices that I’ve mentioned.
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    Where do you buy your Cetaphil that you pay $20 for the 250ml? It’s like around $20NZD for the massive 500ml at...
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  6. happylifenaturally said: Awesome. I’m always looking for free shipping for stuff that’s way too expensive here.
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